Given here are some important aspects of your Barrow, AK Home Insurance that impact your rates & can support you in getting a great deal.

Replacement Value of your home in Barrow, AK is the biggest driver of your coverage & home insurance.

Here is a list of replacement costs & home insurance for Barrow, AK & nearby areas

Place Typical Home Size Replacement Cost Monthly Home Insurance Cost
Barrow 4 Beds, 2 Baths, 3390 sqft $377,000 $85
Barrow 3 Beds, 1 Bath, 1,890 sqft $226,000 $72

If your Barrow, AK home has prior claims, your insurance is likelier to be higher

Here are some typical claims filed in Barrow:

Claim Typical Claim Amount

Your Background Impacts Your Home Insurance Quotes

Here is a list of Barrow, AK homeowners with differing backgrounds & their changing home insurance.

Employment Status Credit Score Income Level Other Details Monthly Home Insurance Rate
Unemployed 550-599 Credit Score No Income 2 Pets, Smoker $570
Freelancer 600-649 Credit Score $75 to $100,000 1 Pet, Non-Smoker $60
Retired 500-549 Credit Score No Income 3 Pets, Smoker $100